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The tools I use are RSI, Composite Index, QQE, and Stochastics.  Each of those helps me to identify my trigger, identify divergence, and keep track of when the trend is losing steam.   My watchlist is setup with side by side charts, displaying all of these tools in multiple time frames, so when all of that gets on the screen it gets pretty small, but I don’t want to give any of these elements up.

When I need to do my homework to set price targets, or adjust my price targets during the day, I use only one of these tools along with a full view of the price history to see the Elliott Wave count.  I can’t quickly make this switch.  I tried to duplicate the entire watchlist, and on the duplicate have only one large chart with stacked studies, but this isn’t working well either.  When I draw trendlines, target boxes, and such, those are not viewable back in my main watchlist unless they share a layout – which runs into the problem when switching from stacked to not-stacked back in the main watchlist, where each tool expands its height and doesn’t leave enough room for the price.  I’m manually dragging things back into the position I want them way too much.

If you have any ideas, please let me know.  If not, a feature request to be able to make a custom toolbar button that can stack studies (while having the studies keep their height, and apply to multiple charts on my watchlist at once), or a way to group views so that I can hide the group with one click would be great.

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