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ADDENDUM to Replay # 67121 AND  #67123 (my last two posts above)

Hi Darren,

I made some further testing about the update of the fundamental data using your recommended “Cycle Code” update techniques you have described above in Replay #67005.

The “Cycle Code” update technique has not triggered any fundamental data update window in the bottom left corner of the screen and also the file information of the file “fundata.db” in Windows File Explorer didn’t change using the “Cycle Code” technique.


Concerning the total market cap value calculated with the Breadth engine there seems to be some problems.

Using the data as of 01/04/2022 the S&P 500 components symbol list watchlist shows a total market cap value of 44,985,676.0 whereas the chart of the total market cap value created with the data of the Breadth engine shows a value of 45,053,525.0 (45.053525). See my two screen shots.

screenshot - 0001

screenshot - 0000

Because of that in the S&P 500 components watchlist (see above) the sum of the total weights is NOT 100% it is 99.85%.

I have run the Breadth engine manually too, to make sure that the data are current.

There seems to be some problems with the fundamental data entered in the “Market Capitalization” data field (see e.g. the two Alphabet companies) and some problems with the Breadth engine to calculate the total sum of the market cap.

Sorry for that in the early days of the new year.

Best wishes,

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