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Hello.  I was thinking more about the possibility of tracking my trades better on the chart.  Do you have a tool?  I like how your time box snaps to price, so I was wondering if instead of forcing month timeframes it could snap to a starting price and current price?  I also like how vertical lines can extend down over the tools so that I can see what the indicators looked like when I made my decision.  Maybe a trade tracker could look like my new attachment.  Potentially we could place it at a starting bar/price and adjust the price if we want to be exact.  It would continue expanding with the current price until we click to stop it, and again adjust ending price if we care to be exact.  I’d leave closed positions on my chart so that I could reflect over time about whether I’m winning/losing more with this stock and what I missed in retrospect.

I’m also open to other suggestions if you have something to meet these goals.


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