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Answers below…

1. No, alerts are only available within Optuma, there is no way to send triggers to Mobile, Email, etc.  The closest you may be able to get, if you have the publishing module, is to setup scans with your criteria, then have them run using the Windows Scheduler.  You can then setup a report of matches to be generated from those scans and sent as an email via MS Outlook.

2. You can sent an alert to trigger within Optuma when a Kagi chart turns from red to green (or vice versa).  Here’s a script for when the kagi turns to an up trend (green):

As mentioned in Q1, the alerts can only be generated within Optuma, not sent externally.

3. You can setup alerts to trigger off of any scripted criteria.  The script just needs to be written to meet the rules you want to use.

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