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Hi Louis,

The breadth engine is currently being rebuilt as part of a wider Optuma overhaul Mathew Verdouw is working on that will see massive improvements in processing speeds and resource management (due as part of Optuma 2.2 update near the end of this year). We checked that first and confirmed the updated breadth engine is using the expected formula for Advanced / Decline %.

Unfortunately, the current breadth engine is using a different calculation which is why your results don’t match your manual calculations. We will aim to have that resolved in the 2.1 update which is in the final stages of coding before being made available for testing.

In the meantime, you can bypass the issue by creating 2 breadth codes, one that counts the number of Advances and one that counts the number of Declines.


Once you have those breadth codes you can use a Show View to build the A/D % data with the following script:

If you want to hard code it to 500 you would adjust the script to:

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