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Jeffrey A.
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Hi Darren,

Thank you for the code, workbook, and reference to the quarterly article; all are useful. It would be neat if all of this could be wrapped into a function to make it even simpler. A function that would look something like “TimePeriod(select Quarter/Half/Etc, Q1/H1/etc)”. That would be quick and easy for watchlist construction and also useful in signal tester research when using these.  I’m certainly ok using the code and readjusting it as needed, just my two cents for a new idea. It also could incorporate years – I would really like to have something that can isolate particular years for signal testing, such as using only mid-term election years or a custom list of years via a check-box selection or some other way to import and even save and title a list of years (ex: u.s. mid term year list) maybe via csv or cut and paste (currently I know how to manually add in or exclude certain years but having an easier way that saves time would be great).


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