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I had a look at the csv file, the following adjustments were needed to get a compatible format to import into Optuma:

  • Delete the last 6 columns so you have only Date, OHLCV.
  • Insert a new blank column between Date and Open
  • Split the first column into two, one for date, one for time. This is done using Excels Text to Columns function (in the Data tab). I used the T as the separator to cause the split, which gave me the date I needed for the file.


  • Delete the Time column.
  • Delete the header row (timestamp, open, high, low, etc)
  • Adjust the date column so all rows use the same format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Adjust the OHLCV columns to all use 2 decimal places
  • Sort the rows so the oldest date is at the top
  • Saved as a new CSV

The final result looks like this in Excel…


You can then import the data with the following settings…


The final result…


I’ve attached a copy of the modified file for your review.  Note, if you open it in Excel the date format will be reset automatically to remove zeros from the day. It will need to be adjusted back to dd/mm/yyyy.

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