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The workbook you uploaded does not seem to have any Watchlist or tools applied as per your screenshot, it is just a blank chart of ETHUSD, so I can’t confirm what scripts you are using at the moment.

To identify the current swing (1700.3 in this instance) no offsets or dot notations are needed.

The above script would return the value of 1700.3 for ETHUSD, which is what i think you are looking for?

I’ve attached a workbook with the current swing, and swing offsets included in the Watchlist, with the corresponding swing marked on the chart for your reference.


The volume between each swing can be tricky, you need to work out if you are wanting to mark the volume from the bar the swing actually turns (confirmed) or just a straight count between Swing Start to Swing End. The functions to do this will change depending on the answer to that question.

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