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I am coming back to my script issue again since I have updated to v2.1 with the new OFFSET() function.

My situation:
I calculate on a weekly chart the rolling 3-month percent change of the S&P 500.
Now I want use two “Chart Element” tools, one should display the date and the other one should display the closing value of the S&P 500 from which the calculation is made.
For example, today Wednesday 06/22/2022 the close is 3759.89. Optuma uses as the reference date Friday 03/18/2022 with the closing value of 4463.12. Optuma uses the Friday because my chart is a weekly chart.

Problem / Question:
How can I calculate the reference date and closing value?

I use the following script for the calculation of the rolling 3-month percent change:

For the calculation of the reference date I use the following script:

I have set the OFFSET() function to “Calendar Days” but I get as the result the number 44,736.00, using “Field Type – Date” I get the date 6/24/2022. That is the Friday this week BUT NOT the Friday 03/18/2022.

What did I made wrong?

Many thanks for any assistance,

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