Elliott Wave

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Hi Darren thanks for the response! And I didn’t realise the fib spiral was already in OPTUMA that’s great!

As for the wave chart overlay something like drawing future price movements with each peak/trough pre labelled & selected based on what part of the wave structure your in. So the user would draw the best fit manually for past/current/future price movements. The line chart could then be moved around manually to whatever point necessary.

Also just an idea instead of a manual addition as just described, what if a particular part of the stock chart were to be selected via a rectangle tool, then that area is scanned for a “best fit” Elliott wave sequence including any ABC structures. From there the overlay can be moved around/renamed etc.

I know Elliott wave is subjective although just thought a few additions on this concept would be good.

Hope that gives a clearer picture of the idea with relevant photos attached.




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