I second that and have other suggestions for the Script Manager

Optuma Forums Optuma Feature Requests Script Manager Functionality – Suggested Enhancements I second that and have other suggestions for the Script Manager

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Like Trevor, I spend my life inside of Optuma’s Script Manager (and love it!), to date having built, tested and debugged several thousand lines of codes across scores of scripts for doing all sorts of stuff.

I second all of the suggestions Trevor has made (thanks for posting Trevor), especially the import/export functionality.

I’d also like to suggest the following in order of importance / convenience:

1. For the Script Manager Window:

  • ability to specify size and position of script window (or at least have the script window ‘remember’ where it was last positioned when it is re-opened)
  • ability to personalise font size and colour in the script window (makes life easier for us older fellas whose eyes are ageing!)

2. For custom labels on the cross-hair cursor that use scripts:

  • if the Script Manager window is already open it is re-sized and re-positioned to the centre of the screen when a script is selected – it would be better if it left the Script Manager window in its current size and position
  • also if a script is changed, it needs to be removed from the cross-hair cursor script list then re-added for the change to take effect – it would be better if the changes were effective without having to do this

3. Script debugging

  • ability to ‘watch’ the values of variables within scripts as you move the crosshair over bars (this can be achieved already by adding a script as a custom label to the cross-hair cursor but does take a few steps to setup, and has to be re-setup every time the script changes)

I admit that the third suggestion might require quite an undertaking – but it would move the scripting environment in Optuma to what coders are used to in integrated development environments like Java, C++, etc, and that would be a major improvement for productivity. However, I’m hoping that the first two suggestions are not too onerous and they too would give rise to nice productivity improvements.

Many thanks, Dean


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