Identifying Double Tops

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Identifying Double Tops

Hi David,

I’ve been doing a bit of pattern evaluation and developed the following scripts for identifying what I call “Consecutive Double Tops” and “Non-Consecutive Double Tops” over the life of a market.

To explain, “Consecutive Double Tops” are swing tops that have no lower swing tops between them and “Non-Consecutive Double Tops” have at least one lower swing top between the “Double Top”. I use percent higher/lower parameter for the determining if a “Double Top” exists, say the latest top is 0.5% higher than the earlier top. I haven’t found a way to use a market’s tick size for the high/low parameter, but have found the percentage approach works on all the markets I’ve tried. You’ll find a sample of the results of my pattern evaluations at Auld Tyma Data under Reports & Tools > Market Analysis Reports > Chart Pattern Evaluations.

So here are my scripts:

“Consecutive Double Tops”

// Setup Signal – SHORT Entry ~ Double Top 1-Day Swing ~ 2ndTop 0.5% Higher 1 Down

// Setup Signal:
//         1 Day Gann Swing
//         Double Top with
//                  2nd Top between 0% and 0.5% greater than the 1st Top
// Short Entry Signal:
//         1 Down Bar, Low lower than Signal Bar Low and High greater than or equal to Signal Bar Low, ie no gap

// Gann Swing 1 Day

// Identify Swing Top
1stTop = GS1 > GS1[1];

// Double Top with consecutive previous swing top
2ndTop = OFFSET(GS1, OFFSET=2);

// % ratio Top to previous Top
TopRatio = (GS1 * 1stTop – 2ndTop)/((GS1 * 1stTop+ 2ndTop)/2)*100;

//+++ Down Entry Bar
// Use the following for highlighting the Entry Bar with no gap, allow outside bar
DownBar0 = (LOW(0) < LOW(1)) AND (HIGH(0) >= LOW(1) );

// Identify Tops when 2nd Top Greater than Previous Top
DoubleTopSetupSignal = TopRatio >= 0 and TopRatio <= 0.5 AND (TIMESINCESIGNAL(GS1Top)<1);



Here’s what the “Consecutive Double Tops” looks like, the cyan plot is the Weekly Gann Swing:

Daily Swing Double Top

“Non-Consecutive Double Tops”

// Setup Signal – SHORT Entry ~ Double Top 1- WEEK Not Consecutive Swing ~ 2nd Top 0 to 0.5% Above 1st Top

// Setup Signal:
//         Weekly Gann Swing Chart
//         Double Top with:
//                 1st Top preceded and succeeded by Lower Swing Tops
//                 2nd Top preceded by Lower Swing Top and succeeded by a Down Bar
//                 2nd Top between 0% and 0.5% above the 1st Top
// Short Entry Signal
//                 1 Down Bar, High higher than Bar High and Low less than or equal to Bar High, ie no gap

// Gann Swing 1 Week

// +++++ Identify Swing Top of Double Top
// Succeeding Lower Top
SucLoTop = GS1End[0] > GS1End[-2] AND GS1End[-1] < GS1End[-2];

// Preceding Lower Top
PreLoTop = GS1End[0] > GS1End[2] AND GS1End[1] < GS1End[2] ;

// Identify 2nd Swing Top
Top = SucLoTop AND PreLoTop;

// 2nd Top Signal
2ndTopSignal = Top AND (TIMESINCESIGNAL(Top) < 1);
Top2Signal = PreLoTop AND LOW(0) > Low(-1) AND (TIMESINCESIGNAL(GS1End)<1);

// +++++ Idenifty 1st Top of Double Top, ie the Top preceding 2nd Top Signal
// use IF() to give the High at the Signal (2ndTopSignal) and fill the other positions with zero
2ndTopValue = If(2ndTopSignal > 0, PriceAtSignal(2ndTopSignal, PRICE=High), 0);

// Use NonZero() to shrink the GS2ndTopValue list by removing the zeros so it can use Offset() to find the next / previous signal
2ndTopNonZero = NONZERO(2ndTopValue);

// Determine the 1st Top Signal
1stTopSignal = (TIMESINCESIGNAL(2ndTopNonZero) < 1 AND TIMESINCESIGNAL(2ndTopNonZero) > -1) AND (2ndTopNonZero <= OFFSET(2ndTopNonZero, OFFSET=-1) or 2ndTopNonZero > OFFSET(2ndTopNonZero, OFFSET=-1) );

// Double Top Prices
1stTopValue = PRICEATSIGNAL(1stTopSignal, PRICE=High);
Top2Value = PRICEATSIGNAL(Top2Signal, PRICE=High);

// % range between 1st Top and 2nd Top
DoubleTopRatio = 100 * (Top2Value – 1stTopValue[1]) / 1stTopValue[1];

// Test if Top Ratio in range 0 to 0.5
DoubleTop = If(Top2Signal AND DoubleTopRatio >= 0 AND DoubleTopRatio < 0.5 , 1, 0);

// Identify Tops when 2nd Top Greater than Previous Top
DoubleTopSignal = IF(GS1End > GS1End[1] AND DoubleTop, 1, 0);



Here’s what the “Non-Consecutive Double Tops” looks like, the cyan plot is the Weekly Gann Swing:

Weekly Swing Double Top


Hope you find this useful.



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