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Sorry Darren. Now I’m even more confused. If my current script would include ABC, then it’s not what I want. I know this, because the way I’ve written it, the script isn’t giving me what I want. I think I’ll try rewording my question. It may not be possible to script exactly what I want.


I’m trying to get the closing price to remain within a range of 3% over 5 days. Or expressed another way, no more than 1.5 % from the average close of the last 5 days.

For example, 5 prices might be $1.00, $1.01, $.98, $.99, $1.01. So the maximum range is 3% over the 5 days (.98 – 1.01)

In another example, if I had $1.00, $1.03, $.98, $.97, $1.01,  Even though it it never extends beyond 3% from day 1 ($1.00), the range over the 5 days is 6% (.97 – 1.03). This is what I don’t want.


In other words, I’m looking for stocks with closing prices which have very low volatility over the last 5 days.




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