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Re my previous query on this thread I approached Optuma who said they would prefer I put the following query to the forum before they get involved.

The issue with the scripts on the forum is that engulfing and inside bars give false output. I just want to sum the volume to a variable (Plot1 in the output part of a scipt appended below) while the Gannswing() IsDown and then when the swing changes, zero Plot1 and sum the volume to Plot2 while it stays in the up direction. If the scripting language had a Do While loop command (which it doesn’t seem to) I could probably do this myself but not being familiar with the language it’s a daunting task.

Probably a 5 minute task for someone conversant with scripting but I’ve been struggling with it for half of today! At least I’ve got a better idea of the language.

Follows is the extract of the display part of a script from the forum that I started playing around with. If I could calculate Plot 1 and Plot 2 I’d be home!

// Plot the Down trend Volume

Plot1 = ?>;

Plot1.Colour = Red;

Plot1.Plotstyle = Histogram;

Plot1.LineWidth = 5;

Plot1.LineStyle = Solid;

// Plot the Up trend Volume

Plot2 = ? ;

Plot2.Colour = Green;

Plot2.Plotstyle = Histogram;

Plot2.LineWidth = 5;

Plot2.LineStyle = Solid;


Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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