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The code for the down swing should be:  

// Define the Gann Swing criteria GS1 = GANNSWING(SWINGCOUNT=3,METHOD=USE NEXT BAR);

// Get Previous Up Swing Length and 2.5% tolerance levels

R1 = SWINGEND(GS1,OFFSET=1) – ((SWINGend(GS1,OFFSET=1) – SWINGstart(GS1,OFFSET=1)) * 0.475);

R2 = SWINGEND(GS1,OFFSET=1) – ((SWINGend(GS1,OFFSET=1) – SWINGstart(GS1,OFFSET=1)) * 0.525);

//Is the current swing between the tolerance levels? SWINGEND(GS1) < R1 AND SWINGEND(GS1) > R2  


That then gives the result attached.

cheers Michael

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