3 out of 4 days losing 3% Script

Hi Darren,

first of all I want thank you very much for your very interesting article about testing historical events


and your Twitter Tweets: https://twitter.com/Optuma

Your Twitter Tweet about testing “3 out of 4 days losing 3%” has attracted my special attention. Here is your chart:


Can you give me/us the script of your test?



Hi Thomas,

Thanks - glad you find them useful. You can use the BARSTRUE() function. Here’s the script for at least 3 out of 4 days with a -3% fall :


V1 = CHANGE()<-3;

Hi Darren,

many thanks for the script. Only two lines, really cool!

I hope I don’t bother your with my posts but I have another real special question. In your article “Using Optuma to Test Historical Events” you have published the following chart:


Please let me know how you have created the table in the left top corner.

I have tried a lot of settings but was in no way successful.

Thanks again


Hi Thomas,

Please see the reply to your comment below the article.