Add note that will show in Watchlist

Is there a way to add a note to a chart that will show up in a Watchlist? Or is there a column I can add to a watchlist that contains editable text?

Hi Andy,

You can use the Journal system to add notes which can be displayed in a Watchlist:

Once you’ve added some text to the Journal add the Notes column to the Watchlist to display the information.

Matthew - awesome.


I have a list of stocks in a csv file that has two columns. First column is the symbol. Second column is the rating, either hold/sell/buy. Can I group my watchlist based on the rating in the csv file from time to time?

Hi Mark,

Auto grouping in a Watchlist requires Professional or Enterprise services. For the service level you currently have (Trader Services) you can setup groups / headers in a Watchlist, however it’s a manual process.


Note: Header rows can only be added to Watchlists that aren’t linked to scans / symbol lists, etc.