ADT11 Indicator

I like to replicate this indicator. I don’t have the formula.

Probably is built in this way

It shows over 11 sessions the number of company of an index that show a positive close.

can be replied ?


A represent the number fo stock that close up

D represent the number of stocks that close down

A11= summation of A over the last 11 days

D11= summation of D over the last 11 days

ADT11= 100*A11/(A11+D11)

Hi Ciro,

This sounds more like a custom breadth code than a script. To see how you can build your own breadth codes please refer to the following article:

I tried to read it but to be honest quite impossible to understand how to build it.

I have created it in Excel by using this two indices.



Hi Ciro,

We actually have the daily advance and decline values in our breadth database (ADVSPX and DECSPX) so they don’t have to be built in the breadth module. You will then be able to use the Accumulation function combined with the GetData function to create the ADT11 value.

If you would like us to script this for you as a consulting session please let us know (it shouldn’t take more than the 30 minute minimum).