Alert based on % fall

Very much a novice user of Optuma here, but am slowly getting an idea of how things work. I have a question regarding Alerts which I can’t find an answer to.

How do I create an Alert for a stock which has fallen 10% from it’s 12 month top? I’m not even sure to start as a Technical Alert or Price Alert. Can this be done, and can anyone assist?


Hi Bill,

Unless you are only tracking a handful of stocks, your best option is to set up a scan which can be run over the entire market or index. The following formula will show those stocks that are more than 10% from their 52 week high:

// Calculate the 52 week high;
//Is current close more than 10% away?
1-(CLOSE()/H1) > 0.1

To only show those that have crossed above the 10% threshold run a scan on Last Bar and change the last line of the formula to

1-(CLOSE()/H1) CrossesAbove 0.1

See the video here on how to link the scan results to a watchlist, so opening the saved workbook will automatically run the scan and update the list with the latest results:

Thanks heaps Darren. Will give this a go in the next few days and let you know how I go. I’ve got to admit, I’m loving Optuma and will be buying at the end of my trial period.

Hi there Darren. I’ve had the chance to play around and learn from this script and I think my question was framed wrong. When I run this script on the ASX200 I get around 180 results, which (I think) is too many. I noticed the results returned were stocks that at some stage of the past 12 months were 10% below the YTD high. What I was trying to achieve was a list of stocks that the current price is 10% less than a YTD high. How would I change the script to get these results? Much appreciated.

Hi Bill,

Are you running a scan or putting the script in a watchlist? If running a scan the Date Range should be set to Last Bar. When putting in a watchlist it automatically uses the last day, so if you add a Summary Row in the properties and right-click on the column and select Summary Type > Sum you should get the total number that are currently true.

Note: for within 10% from the high the last line of the formula should be 1-(CLOSE()/H1) < 0.1 not > 0.1 for more than 10%.

As of Friday 21st, this was 94 for the ASX200 companies: