All Ords Constituents


I have noticed that Z1P is not included in Optuma's All Ords list.

It is definitely a constituent.

Why is that?

Also, is there more information about these data lists, managing and checking them?

I've searched the Knowledge Base and not found anything.




Hi Merrilee,

We’ll look at getting that updated, but in the meantime save and open the attached watchlists of the current components of the ASX All Ords and Small Ords. Note that you can click on the Open List As… icon and under Manual List > New Manual List give it a name:


Once in your Symbol Lists this can then be selected in a scan under the Lists tab in the Manual List section:


For more on using Symbol Lists see here.


Out of curiosity, is there a website that lists the constituents of each index?

I've seen that S&P have the top 10 by weight available, but have not found any more detail.

We maintain the constituents of the indices in the ASX Shares > S&P folder, which can be opened as watchlists or used in a scan:


However, try this site for the list of All Ords that can be downloaded, which has links to other indices and also ASX ETFs and LICs:

Note: Optuma is not affiliated with this website in any way, so please contact them directly with any questions or issues.

The latest ASX All Ords and Small Ords watchlists can be downloaded from the link below. To learn how to save the watchlists as your own symbol lists for scanning, etc see the post above.

ASX-All-Ords-and-Small-Ords-1.owb (271 KB)

Hi Darren, I’d like to be able to open a workbook made up of the constituents of the S&P/ASX small ordinaries and the S&P/ASX emerging companies index within the symbols list option. Can you please look into doing this? Is it possible to make this option dynamic as you have done with say the S&P/ASX top 50, 20, 100 etc?

Many thanks

Members of ASX indices are no longer available under ASX Shares - they are now part of Optuma Symbol Lists. See here for more information:

A New Way to Find ASX Index Components

We provide the following ASX index member lists:


We do not have the members of ASX Small Ords or Emerging Companies at this time. We’ll look to get it added, but in the meantime I have created the attached workbook which has a watchlist of the members of each index. You can save this list as your own symbol list (see the Creating a Manual List from a Watchlist section here) to be used in scans, etc.

ASX-Small-Ords-Emerging-Companies.owb (173 KB)

UPDATE: the ASX Small Ords are now available in Optuma Symbol Lists, along with these ASX lists:


For more info on using Symbol Lists see this video: