Bar Chart showing a Date Range

I’m trying to create a bar chart for SPYV that shows only those 5 minute bars that are within June 26, 2016 to July 2, 2016 and I need help to do this. I’m restricting the bars between these dates to display on a bar chart. Please help.


Hi David,

Click on any bar and change the chart’s Date Range property to only show those dates:


Thanks for that. Now that I have the date range set, I’ve been trying to change the time frame from daily to 5 minutes by using the custom time frame feature. However, I cannot get any intraday data. My data source is TD Ameritrade. What else do I need to do?



Thanks David, but unfortunately TD Ameritrade only provide limited intraday history. If you change the SPYV chart to 5 mins before changing the Date Range it will download all the history they make available (I changed my settings to request 150 days but the chart only loaded 30 days of history).

The only option I can think of is to get the 5 min data from another source in a .csv file and then import in to Optuma.