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To Optuma :

A prospective client is a bitcoin miner. I would like to have more info on the bitcoin data source Optuma has (such as OandA source for FX data). Prospective client is with QuadrigaCX (, the largest bitcoin platform in Canada according to They also have Litecoin and Etherium trading and data... I personally look at, but look forward to do more with the data via Optuma. As data is slightly different depending on the trading platform, it would be appreciated to have the information to assess things further.


Louis Archambault

[email protected]

Thanks Louis. We currently only have Bitcoin in our database (XBTUSD), and I don’t believe OANDA provide it either. However, if you can download the data from one of one of your providers in .csv format then they can be imported in to Optuma, as per these instructions:

Formatting and Importing Text Files

Note that you can also import data from when you set up a free account with them, as per this webinar recording:

Once added, you will be able to add any of their free databases, such as Bitfinex:






Hi Louis,


I just found another source for Bitcoin on Quandl:

Note that BTC.GDAX and CAD.GDAX are no longer valid so you can right-click on the symbol in the security selection window and select Remove Code.



Thanks Darren,

It works !!!


Hi Louis,

Just wanted to post this link here for you and for anyone else who may view this post.

We just posted a new Knowledge Base article referencing how to get data for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. This article includes a short video by Darren showing you how to do this.


Reuben V.