Candlestick Custom Bar colours - fully coloured bars


Is it possible to add a custom field when building your own custom chart such that the bars can be fully coloured in and not just outlined? I have tried to do a candlestick custom chart and there is no possibly of having the bars being represented as solid bars.


Hi Karen,

Unfortunately we never built in that ability. The reason was that the Japanese would imagine a candle that was open like a baloon that goes up - the close is higher than the open. A solid candle was like Lead that sinks - the close is lower than the open. When we set these up we wanted to remain true to the way they were initially designed.

All the best


Thanks Matthew, I understand that as I have used candlesticks for years.

However, I note that the Candlestick chart with the Strength colour scheme shows all bars coloured in (ie fully green and red bars). What I am trying to do is highlight a bar on certain rules but I cannot do that with the functionality under the custom scripting and I note that having a bar outlined does not stand out when I am also using other indicators such as the show bar lines over the bar. There are numerous chartists that have adopted the traditional Japenese candlesticks into full bar colours (ie green and red) because it is much easier to see and read.

Is there no way of adding it as a tick box feature to provide more flexibility with custom coding the look and feel of your charts? It would be greatly appreciated if you could.