Chart cloning


I just watched the weekly blog digest with the information on how to use cloned charts in training mode. All good, except that my Optuma won’t do it that way.

I can clone the chart and lay it side by side with the original. All well.

But, unlike what happens in the blog, when I change something on one clone (e.g. the period from daily to weekly) it happens also on the cloned chart, so I cannot lay a weekly and a daily chart side by side. Also, if I close the “Training Panel” on one clone it also does it on the other, unlike the blog. Have I missed a step here?


Clone-1.docx (233 KB)

Thanks Bill - it’s because you are using a Chart Layout, and the chart timeframe is dynamically linked to the layout. This means when you change the timeframe, all charts using that layout will also change.

As such, you can only clone a chart that isn’t using a Chart Layout - or change the Chart Layout of the cloned chart to a layout using the required timeframe.