Close at the high of the day/week/month script

Hi guys,

I'm looking to scan for stocks that are closing their candle at the high (or within 15%) of the high of the day/week/month. Can you please help me with this code so I can start using it for scans?

Cheers, Hugh

Hi Hugh

To scan for Close that crosses the high of the last week, month you can use the following script, and change the BACKTYPE variable to Days, Weeks or Months.

Close() CrossesAbove HIGHESTHIGH(BACKTYPE=Weeks, BARS=1)

To check for a crossover that’s within 15% of the highest high you can use

Close() CrossesAbove (HIGHESTHIGH(BACKTYPE=Weeks, BARS=1) *(1-0.15))

Which will bring the high down 15% and check for a crossover of that value.


Hey Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me - really appreciate it. Thanks for your suggestion - but i am after a scan that finds the close high or within 15% of the day/week/month. No crossover from the last week candle. Ultimately i just want to perform a scan at the end of the week that shows me stocks that have closed at the high of the week at or within 15% of the high - with no concern about what the price action has been in the prior weeks.


If you could help me with this - that would be fantastic!




Hi Hugh,

Just replace the CrossesAbove in the formula with > for greater than.