CMT Level 3 Pass!!


I received my CMT Level 3 email today and I passed! Thank you so much for your help! This was an extremely difficult test and, without your guidance, it would have been that much harder. I wanted to share a picture from the wall of my study room. In one of your videos, you said, “Print this graphic and hang it on your wall for review.” I thought, “Hmmm. That’s a good idea.” So, any item I struggled with or felt compelled to memorize got printed and hung on the wall. This made it easy to review every few days. This is definitely one of the reasons I passed. My walls are covered with these pages.

Thanks again Matthew. I couldn’t have done it without you.


PS: I’m leaving those pages up there as my new wall paper.


That’s awesome Nick - congratulations!

It really makes a difference to have it up on the wall and seeing it everyday. Can I use that photo in our course introductions? It is such a great example of people need to do to prepare.

All the best



Absolutely you can use it! I would be honored.

Thanks again for your help.



Did you rely on the Wiley Book at all, or did you stick to the videos and notes???