Earnings Date and Results in Chart


i want to suggest to implement the earnings dates and related results into the chart as a function in Optuma. (ShowBar? with text and symbols?)
In addition a simple table element display of the data/comparison YoY/QoQ would be nice.

I think in the fundamental data set of Optuma database the EPS should be available already to do this.

If possible the next earnings date would help aswell.
We could then also filter for those earnings dates that are for instance within 20 days etc - to find those earnings ramp up´s/ event risks - and get a column in watchlists!

As an idea/sample i got those user created indicators in TV as a screenshot

Kind regards,

C. Schmidt

Thanks, Conrad, for bringing this up. I too would love to see earnings dates and other info on charts. Would be incredibly useful. What say you, Optima Team?