Fed Z.1 Release Data


just for those interested in the data of the so called Z.1 Release or Financial Accounts of the United States - Z.1.

The data of the Z.1 Release is available on the FRED database (https://fred.stlouisfed.org/). The FRED database is available in Optuma (https://www.optuma.com/videos/optuma-end-of-day-data-options/).

Unfortunately the codes of the data series are a little bit difficult to find. But on the FRED web site there is an overview page for the data of the Z.1 Release. The web page is: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/categories/32251

This web page is the starting point to search for the data series one is interested in. Once the data series is found you have the code of the data series and you then can copy the code from the FRED web page and paste it in the “Security Selection” window in Optuma. Then you should have the data series your are interested in.

Here is in example. If you are interested in the data series for the “Nonfinancial corporate business debt” found under “D.3 Credit Market Debt Outstanding by Sector” on page 7 in the pdf publication of the Z.1 Release you click on the FRED Z.1 Release overview web page the category “D.3 Credit Market Debt Outstanding by Sector (14)” and on the new opened web page click on “Nonfinancial corporate business; debt securities and loans; liability, Level”.

Clicking on that link you come to the the web page “https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/BCNSDODNS”. The code for this series is “BCNSDODNS”. Copy this code and paste it in the “Security Selection” window in Oputuma and you have the up-to-date quarterly data.

On the web page “https://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/” you can download the pdf publication of the Z.1 Release and ALL quarterly data that are in the Z.1 Release publications as csv files by clicking the “csv” link for the current release of the Z.1 (see screen shot).

Your then get downloaded a zip file with all the data. In case the FRED database has not the data in the Z.1 Release you are interested in you can download and update the files manually.

Z.1 Release Data

Thanks for reading this really special topic.