Fundamentals EOD Scanning in Optuma


I have attempted to use EOD Fundamentals Scanning in the Optuma Scanning Manager using Optuma Fundamentals data with no success.

I am wanting to achieve the following: EPS-Basic-BeforeExtraordinaries >= EPS-Basic-BeforeExtraordinaries of 3 months ago.

I am hoping to be able to swap in and out other Optuma Fundamentals later.

The Script I have used is -





The EPS data field is updated every 6 months. Due to the frequency of the change, looking back 65 bars from today would always produce the same value as the current EPS.

If you are wanting to see if the current EPS value is higher than the previous value you could use the following:

V1 > V1[180]

This would ensure the look back period covers the full 6 month range between updates.


The blue shaded zone shows where the criteria is being met.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply.

Would I be able to use 3 months for US stocks as they report more often than AU?

Can I use the “=” sign in the middle of “V1 >= V1[180]” to make it greater than or equal to?,

Is the “180” 6 months of trading days or calendar days?

I see you used "Earnings Per Share - Fiscal Period (EPS) at the bottom of your chart( is that also what you used in your Script? ), can I also use “EPS-Basic-BeforeExtraordinaries”? Would this be a different Script?

If so what would the Script for that be?



On US data with the increment being smaller you can use 65 bars.

180 was for Calendar days (as i had then enabled on my chart) without that filter on you’d use around 130.

The script i used was standard EPS. If you wanted to use EPS Basic Before Extrdorinaries you’d use a different field in the DataField() line. When you add the DataField() criteria to script manager, click on it to bring up the menu and expand the Field section, you’ll see a full list of items it can reference (you don’t need to manually type the name in) you can even search for what you’re after to shorten the list…


You can also update the script to include = as well as greater than so if the value is the same between the two the criteria passes.

V1 = DATAFIELD(FEED=FD, FIELD=EPSBasicBeforeExtraordinaries);
V1 >= V1[65]