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I use very frequently the tool “Horizontal Line”. This tool enables the setting “Start Price” what is a fine feature to place the horizontal line exactly where it should be.

Unfortunately the setting “Start Price” only accepts whole number e.g. 17, 1535 and so on. Sometimes it is necessary to place the horizontal line at values that have a decimal place e.g. 22.50, 1735.75 and so on.

But the tool “Horizontal Line” ignores numbers with a decimal place if entered in “Start Price”. If I enter 22.50 the tool sets the horizontal line at 23.

Is there a way that the tool “Horizontal Line” accepts in the setting “Start Price” numbers with a decimal places?



Hi Thomas,

I don’t have that problem with the Horizontal Line Tool, but it does round the numbers entered.

Here’s a screenshot on SBVolSpot where I’ve entered 13.8755 into the Start Price Property. Note that on the chart it has rounded the 13.8755 to 13.876.

20200406 Horizontal Line 1

Now interestingly, when I look at the Properties of the Horizontal Line again it has truncated the 13.8755 I entered to 13.88, but the chart still shows 13.876:

20200406 Horizontal Line 2

It seems there are some default number “Rounding Rules” at play here which may be causing the results you are seeing.

So, I went to my chart’s Properties and changed the “Price Scale Properties” “Price Display Format” to “0.0000” and this what is displayed as the price on the Horizontal Line on the chart:

20200406 Horizontal Line 3

and as the “Start Price” in the Horizontal Line Properties:

20200406 Horizontal Line 4

So, the Price Scale Properties “Price Display Format” sets the displayed price rounding.

You might give that a try and see if you get similar results.



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Hi Trevor,

thanks for your lot of work. Unfortunately I am not able to set the horizontal line in my chart example to 22.50. The program sets the line at 23.

It doesn’t matter how I set the “Price Display Format”.

I have attached my workbook with this example but I have some more charts with the same issue. I can only set the horizontal line at whole numbers.



test-horizontal-line.owb (13.2 KB)

Hi Thomas,

Attached is your chart with a Horizontal Line on the “Line Chart” and you will note that the Horizontal Line Price is shown as per the Price Display Format (“0.000000”) assigned for that chart:

However, the Horizontal Line on “Annualized 30-Day Historical Volatility…” is truncated, but in my case to 1 decimal place (41.0) with the Price Display Format (“0.000000”) assigned for that chart panel when I enter a Start Price of 40.875656:

Thus, we are seeing different behaviours in the in the two panels on the page☹

Over the the gurus at Optuma to explain that behaviour in the attached modified version of your workbook.



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20200406-Thomas-test-horizontal-line.owb (14.2 KB)