Last Date Chart Element


I want use the Chart Element tool to show the last date of the bar. That is of course not a real problem using the “Last Date” function.

But when I use e.g. quarterly data the “Last Date” Chart Element tool would show 10/1/2019 for the 4th quarter 2019. That is of course correct.

Is there a way to show the END date of the quarter, in this example 12/31/2019? It would be sufficient if it would be 12/30/2019.

Unfortunately I didn’t find a function called “Last Date”, if it would exist I would add 90 calendar days to the “Last Date” and would get 12/30/2019.

The same is true using monthly data. The “Last Date” Chart Element tool would show 3/1/2019 for the month March 2019. However, I would like the monthly end date to be displayed, in this example 03/31/2019.