New data update rates/times

How often is the FRED data updated? Or probably more to the point, if a FRED data series is updated on a Wednesday, when will I see that update through Optuma data? (Example: CP [corporate profits] was updated last week but I have not seen it updated in Optuma Fred data yet.)

Same question for COTS data?

Thanks. Andy

Hi Andy,

Currently weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly FRED data get updated on the weekend, with daily updated every day. As CP is quarterly data it was updated over the weekend so the latest data is now available.

We may be looking to increase the frequency in the near future.

Thanks Darren. Once a week is ok with me.

Follow up to FRED data: Is there a way to update the data for an entire workbook? Currently I need to go to each chart and click “Download History”.

Is there a way to make this data update whenever I open the workbook? Or at least click once for all the charts?

Thanks. Andy

The information I seek must be available somewhere on Optuma but I just cannot find it.

When can I expect (i.e. how long after market close) new data to be downloaded and available for US and ASX EOD data, for US and ASX indices and for Forex? I am subscribed for EOD data.

Our end-of-day data is usually available between one and two hours after the market close.