Overlay Tool & scripting

Morning Team

Just checking if there is a way to replicate Optuma’s overlay tool using scripting?

I’d like to look back say 10years at the price curve for 12months, look back 40years at the price curve for 12 months, scale both curves so they relate to one another in price (over the time period | 12months), average them and then display the resulting single curve as a potential price curve for a later time period or the future.

Is this possible? If not in scripting, might it be in the programming module?



Hi Andrew,

Is it possible? Yes, I think so but it would be a really complex script.

In our Gann module we have a tool that may already do what you are looking for. Have a look at this article


All the best


Hi Mathew, the article indeed discusses the theory I am looking to research more. In my case I’ll have to contact support since the Gann Mass Pressure tool is showing a flat line when I apply it to my chart, no doubt a setting I am overlooking somewhere (human error) !

Many thanks