Positive Negative Barrier Script Not Working

When I build a script with multiple plots, the Positive/Negative barrier script does not work on the histogram. If I remove the other plots it works fine. Also noted when I have just one additional plot the barrier color scheme switches to that plot. Am I doing something wrong or is there a system limitation? If this post is a duplicate I apologize as I don’t see the one I posted yesterday

Plot1 =k1; 
Plot1.Color = Blue; 
Plot2 = d1; 
Plot2.Color = Red; 
Plot3 = m1; 
Plot3.Plotstyle = Histogram; 
Plot3.HistColScheme = Positive/Negative; 
Plot3.Barrier = 0; 
Plot3.UpColour = Green; 
Plot3.DownColour = Red;

Thanks Ed - replicated here so will get that looked at and fixed in the next update.