Removal of old ticker data

Hello all,

I am wondering if there is a way to remove the old data from a ticker symbol. For instance PBH, chart attached with a vertical line, is a new company as of 2019 but my scripts run the entire data set. Is there a way to remove the old data, prior to 2019, and not have it imported when it does a new download?


Hi Corey,

Thank you for your post, from what i can see the old data has already been removed from our systems. You can use the Download History action (Option 2 here) to remove the older data.

Thank you for the quick reply and easy solution Matthew.

I am wondering though if there is a manual way to do this?
The reason is a stock, 4ds, has merged but still retains all the data from it’s Rox Resources days. I’m assuming this is because it was a merger? The company did however cease trading on the 23rd Oct 2015 for several weeks before becoming 4ds and completely changed it’s business from resources to technology.



Thank you for your reply.

You can click on a bar on the chart, go to the left side Properties Panel and adjust the Date Range from Everything, to Selected Date. You can then manually enter in the date you want the chart to begin plotting from.


Fantastic, thank you.