RRG & Beta Bubble Script

Can you advise the RRG Size Script used in this X post displaying <> Beta.


Hi Tim,

I tried BETA()-1 but the bubbles came out too big so I’m not sure how he did it. You can ask by commenting on his X post and he might give us a clue!

Hi guys, not sure why it is not working for you Darren. I used pretty much the same approach. This is my formula:
And the settings are in the screenshot. Calc on weekly data over the past year using %change against SPY.
You will see that there are marginal differences in the resulting BETA # between plotting on daily vs weekly RRG. I think that is because of the daily chart having a few more nodes. When you hover over the nodes you will see minimal changes.
Hope this helps.

Thanks - maybe it’s the screen resolution as mine looks like this:

That looks good to me, I have the same when I bring it up now.
also the image in the post was 4/25 data. I think we’re good here with this setup.

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Hi Julius,

Thanks for responding.


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