RRG Scripts

I'm after a script that will only show stocks on a positive heading (0-90 degrees). The script I have been using is

J1=JDKRS(Week(PERIODAMOUNT=1)).Heading ;
(J1>270) or (J1<90)

When I put in this script I get a many stocks outside of this criteria. Is there a script that will only give me postive heading stocks using a weekly time frame?

Thanks Peter

Hi Peter,

To show stocks with a heading between 0 and 90 degrees, you would use this script:

JDKRS().Heading > 0 and JDKRS().Heading < 90

You don’t need to include the Time frame in the script, as you are setting the scan to Weekly, it’s handled there.

When i run this scan over the ASX 200 codes, 16 results are displayed for today, which when viewed on a weekly RRG chart are matching the criteria (Heading between 0 and 90 degrees).

Awesome. I ran the scan this morning and it produced 48 results. I copied and pasted your script. Just concerned that my scan produce more results. I have attached a screen shot of my setup. Can you run scan again for my peace of mind.

Thanks Peter

Hi Peter,

I ran the scan over the same data and date. My results match your own (48 results).

Thanks for your help

For more examples of RRG scripting see Lecture 8 here: