Scanning for ticker length (how to)


I want my scan to exclude ticker lengths (stock codes) more than a certain size (notionally 3). Try as I might I seem unable to do it. The result is cluttering up my scans with irrelevant stock tickers that I then have to manually process (delete from a watch list).

I've looked everywhere for signs of a solution or a hint in any of the knowledge base topics. No joy.

Clues, anyone?




Hi Colin,

I can’t think of a way to do this. I’m not exactly what the difference is between a 3 and 4 character symbol (common issues only?), so maybe there’s something else you can search for? Alternatively, if you can download a list of symbols from elsewhere to a .csv file then you can import them as a symbol list:

If you can’t get a .csv list of symbols from elsewhere would scanning the ASX Top 300 folder under ASX Shares > S&P be useful?


Note: The All Ords folder hasn’t been updated recently so isn’t an accurate list, but you can download the symbols to a .csv file and create your own Symbol List for use in scans or watchlists from this site:

Hi Darren,

I've had a look at

and it looks useful. I'll try to manually create a symbol list as a baseline. They cut in at $40M capitalisation, which is fine. They also list the micro-caps elsewhere on the site, giving the complete market excluding ETF and LIC. I have additional filters on price and daily turnover.

Thanks for the link.