Scripting causing excessive lag

Good morning,

I have just added several scripts that i created to my charts for analysis. The issue is when i switch between time frames it takes over 10 seconds to load each time with optuma freezing up. With the amount of stocks this is obviously consuming a large amount of time.
I’m assuming this is because each change in time frame all the scripts recalculate?
Is there a way to have them run once when i open the workbook as these are scripts that dont change with the timeframe?
Any other ideas on how i can mitigate this extreme lag from happening?



Hey Corey, are you using just once monitor and the timeframes are all on one tab or are you using separate tabs? How about a screen shot? I have been having similar issues, which I am working with Optuma to fix, but you could try to move some things to other tabs, that way they don’t update until you open that tab.

Hello Chad,

Please see attached screenshot. Even if i just use one tab and one chart running 2 scripts (ATH,ATR) the lag between changing from daily to weekly is excessive.
The information is currently displayed on one monitor so i don’t see why the issue is occurring. Have you had any successful help from Optuma?

I have been playing to write a lot more scripts but it’s pointless if the outcome creates slower changeover between timeframes.



Hi Corey,

It could be related to the Bar chart / Volume Chart Layout - a Chart Layout is a separate file linked to the ticker symbols, and because the timeframe is part of the Chart Layout, all the Bar chart / Volume Chart Layout files used by other tickers need to get updated as well. From your screenshot it doesn’t look as though you are using a watchlist to scroll down but instead have charts on separate tabs, so there’s no real need to be using a Chart Layout.

If you try it on a chart without a Chart Layout does performance improve?

It may be that creating a Page Layout is a better solution for your needs.

If still no change try pasting the script formula in a reply - depending on the complexity we may be able to help here to improve efficiency, or we can arrange a consulting session.

I’ve had this very same issue for the past 12 months, however lately it’s much worse. Totally freezes.
It’s so annoying. I now know it’s not only my problem.

Yes, I have quite a few Scripts and memory limit may be the problem but why hasn’t this being investigated further in solving the problem?
It’s 2022 and the problem still remains.

Is it too many Scripts or is it something else within Optuma which is causing the problem.
I’ve deleted certain Scripts within my Saved Workbook and the problem remains.


Hi Leon,

For the benefit of the thread, we had no idea that you were having issues so thanks for sending the workbook to support. We’ve already found the issue was with the number of Number Searcher tools and future projections you had on your charts (which require an awful lot of processing).

As Matthew said in the support ticket, we are going to look at ways of improving the calculations but if you reduce the number of Number Searchers (and / or future projections) from your charts then performance will improve. Note that even if you have tools hidden in the structure panel they are still being calculated, so delete those as well.

Hopefully this will make Optuma usable for you again.

Just a quick follow-up question on the above conversation. You noted that hidden tools in the structure panel still calculate. How about multiple pages in a workbook…will all the pages calculate or only the page that is being viewed? Thank you!!