I think „Seasonality“ is a great tool. As i know its only month to month. Is there a possibility also to have it f.e zodiac signs to zodiac signs?

Thanks very much.



Hi Patrick,

Yes - change the Season property to Planetary and select the planet. Here’s Mars (geocentric) for the SSMI which is up 6% since Mars entered Aries (the blue diamond shows current performance) compared to an average of 1.6%:


Hi Darren

Thanks very much. But I mean f.e. not Seasonality from 01.01-31.01 for January etc. but rather f.e. cancer from 21.06-20.07 etc.

I saw very often, seasonality trends change already some days earlier and very often together with zodiac signs change.

Thanks a lot




Thanks Patrick, but that is what the Planetary Seasonality is doing. The above example is taking average performance for when Mars is in each house, not a calendar month.