Setting Alerts

Is there a way to set multiple alerts (that have the same values) for multiple stocks, maybe via a CSV file.



Want to know when the individual members of the ASX Top 20 breach an RSI of 25.

All of the settings : RSI < 25 are the same, but is assigned to the 20 individual stocks.


I see we can export to CSV or Excel, but I cant find where we can import.



Hi Nigel,

Alerts can only be set one at a time. If you are using End of Day data, you would be better to setup a scan with your criteria and link it to a Watchlist. Every time you open the Watchlist the codes would update to show the latest results.

You would first build the scan, selecting the data group(s) you want the criteria checked against. Once setup execute the scan, and export the results to a Watchlist.


The newly opened Watchlist will automatically be linked to the scan. You can save the page as a workbook, and anytime that workbook is opened you will see which code(s) match your criteria using the latest available EOD data.


Thanks Matthew