Show Name on Gann Marker tool label


I have been using the Gann marker tool extensively, but it would be great it we could enhance Gann Marker Tool, so that the label has the option to display the name on the levels section. As you can see from the screenshot (Without my added text), it is extremely difficult to know which line corresponds to the level that I created in the levels properties (You just see the lines and dates). If we could have an option in the label, to show Name, then each line could have the custom identifier I choose to use, This would be extremely helpful, as I can then create specific labels for the time markers, making it easy to identify the period the line corresponds with, and why, and can even include a note - if needed, which would be a great reminder on the chart. Please, could you consider this for the next release, as it would really add an immense value, and I dont think the development would be significant, as you just need to enable the label to take the data you have already stored from the table and display it in on the chart. See my example below.


Thanks a mil




01-12-2019 21-58-05

Excellent suggestion.

Many tools would benefit from this feature.