Stochastic Alerts

G'day everyone,

I'm a bit of a numpty with some of the finer technical aspects of Optuma but hoping someone can help. Is it possible to set an alert for a Stochastic value of -70%? I've attached an example. Looking to trade the bottoms and tops within the trend.

Cheers, Dave.

Hi David,

There are a few ways to set this up in Optuma.

The fastest way is to apply a Horizontal Line to the Stochastic Indicator at the level you want the alert to trigger. Right click on the Horizontal Line and go to the Actions icon (running man).

Click the option to Add a Price Alert.


An alert will be setup, which will trigger when the indicator value drops below (or above depending on the position of the line) that HL value. This will also work with Trend Lines.

The other option is to go to the Alerts panel, click New, and select Technical Alert and script it manually. The script would be:

SMI() CrossesBelow -70

This same script can also be used to look for the criteria via Scanning Manager.