timeframes in scanning manager script

hi there,

i’m using the “scanning manager” and attempting to screen for situations including variables of differing time frames… i’ve found the “data timeframe” on the main scanning manager page and have it set to 15-minutes. but i’m also looking to grab stocks that are within 1% of differing upward sloping moving averages on the 39-minute, 78, and 195 minute charts. i’m aware of how to script for the upward sloping moving average, but i’m stumped on how to write the script in the scanning manager for the different time frames while the default is set to 15-minutes… is this possible?

as an example, i’d like to find stocks with a z-score of -2 on the 15-minute chart that are within 1% of the upward sloping 21-period ema on the 39 minute chart

Hi Josh,

The Data Timeframe means that only 15 minute bars will be loaded in to the tester, so other timeframes won’t be able to be calculated. Try setting it to 1 minute, and then the timeframe in the script will be able to build the other 3 timeframes, for example the 21EMA on a 39 minute chart:

MA(Minute(PERIODAMOUNT=39), BARS=21, CALC=Close, STYLE=Exponential)

Note: for the scan to work you will first need to open a 1 minute chart of the all the stocks you are scanning so the data gets downloaded to your computer.