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    Hi There,

    It would be really useful, to be able to group and combine drawing tools, together, so they stay linked, so you can move them around the chart as one tool, without needing to keep clicking on all components to move them.

    For example if we add a rectangle with the price measure tool and time measure tool, and link this together, then when ever you click on this combined tool, you can move it all at the same time.  I find I have to constantly click each tool separately to move it round the chart, which makes it very time consuming.  This would also enable you to create some really nice custom tools, and easily move them around the charts as a grouped tool.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Mario,

    An idea I have is to enable the linking of mouse points (what we call the anchors that the tools are calculated from).

    I’m not sure that it’s possible and I have a lot of other projects which I need to focus on right now, but I will add it to my “investigate” list and see if we get time to look at it this year.

    All the best


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