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    Morning Team

    I wondered if it might be possible to blend these two tools?

    As with the Angle Returns tool I want to be able to select a candle and make all the custom selections currently available within this tool thus showing repeating recurrences throughout time.

    Now the additional feature I’d use for research would be as in the Natal Transits tool where rather than the angle return being for the planet selected that rather you take that value of longitude/latitude/RA etc and then select other transiting bodies and have the tool show where the transiting planets pass the same angle in the future.


    Example for clarity

    Date: 22 June 2005

    Heliocentric Jupiter is at 200* longitude

    Display when Venus (and/or any other user selected body) transits 200* longitude (the longitude of the origin/root body)


    Thanks in advance for your giving this your consideration.






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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