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    Trying to write a script to show the last bar within a certain percentage of a MA.

    Like this: [today’s close < today’s SMA(80,close) * 1.02]
    and [today’s close > today’s SMA(80,close) * 0.98]

    I don’t see an option in Optuma for multiplication, so I’ve tried to run the script like this as the results would be similar.

    MA1 = MA(BARS=78); MA2 = MA(BARS=82) ; CLOSE() < MA1 CLOSE() > MA2

    Unfortunately, I’m pulling zero results… The pain of learning scripting manager.

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    The WithinRange() function allows you to find where a value is within x% of another value.  For example a Close within 2% of a Moving Average.

    The shaded green zone in the following example shows where the script triggers, when the Close is within 2% of the 80SMA (within the blue dashed lines).


    More information:

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    Thank you! It’s always a bit difficult learning a new scripting format.

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    Hi Terry,

    Just to let you know that * should be used to multiply, so this would work as well to define the 2% band:

    For a free scripting tutorial course sign in here:

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