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    Does anyone know the correct script to get the “percent below all-time high” for an issue. I am using the following but noticing the data is not correct. 

    (HIGHESTHIGH(RANGE=All Time)-close(0))/close()

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    Hi Steven,

    You don’t need to do the calculation manually, there is a function that does it automatically called Range from Extremes RFE()  

    An example script for % from All Time high would be:

    On a show view the result would look like this:


      Show View using the above script has a value of 12.07% from AAPLs all time high.

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    What about that black line at the ATH.


    Can’t we plot a code on the chart that says ATH – the date & then also list the % that the share has until it reaches the ATH? 


    This way the chart can dynamically update. Without having a show view tab below chart … ?

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    You don’t need to script it, you can use the Range from Extremes tool itself to plot the ATH / ATL on the chart, and the date will appear when you hover over the line for each…


    You can see more information on the tool here:



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    Note if you want to display as % in a watchlist divide by 100 and change the column type to Percentage:

    RFE(BACKTYPE=All Time)/100

    Also you can colour-code the cells based on values by right-clicking on the column title and going to Custom Labels, so within 5% of ATH set to green:


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    52 week drawdown

    Also, Darren gave me this code for 52 week drawdown.  It has worked well for me.  I do like the RFE as I was trying to find the distance above recent highs, and that may work well.  Thanks.

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