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    For this question, I wasn’t sure to post it here or in ‘feature requests’ forum.
    So here goes.

    I often calculate the degrees of price movement from Pivot 1 to Pivot 2 e.g Lo to Hi, using hexagon chart.
    e.g Lo = 10, Hi = 144
    The degree movement is 1800 + 35 = 1835, using the Hex Chart manually.
    i.e 5 circles from value 10 on chart (5 x 360 = 1800)  + 35degrees to reach 144

    Is there a function(s) in Optuma scripting which i can use to calculate above?
    I was hoping to instrument that calculation in the Time price Measure tool as a new label.

    Any guidance will be appreciated.


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    Hi Aneez

    No there is no easy way but what we can do in a future version is add the calculation to the TPL tool. We already do that for Sq9 measures (although I just noticed we called it “Price” when it should be “Angle”).

    All the best


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    Thx Mathew,

    That will be great if that is available in some future version.

    Just to expand on my use case, I usually calculate this manually with hex chart now (not just the angle but the total degrees from one price to another price as per example earlier), after which i perform couple of other calculations with the total degrees to arrive at a final value. I use that final value in my analysis.
    I was hoping i can automate that with scripts within TPM tool. Ideally a new function within Optuma scripting would allow me to do that. hexp(P1,P2)

    I am not sure TPL will allow me to automate in my use case.
    Anyway, if you do consider this feature for a future version, I would be keen to have a phone discussion or screen share to explain that better at that time.

    Many thanks for the quick response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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