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    Can the OCaptureptuma team quickly check the candlestick pattern overlay script CANDLESTICKPATTERN(SCANALL=False, SCANTYPE=[Bullish Hikkake]) .

    The backtests and signal tests look way too good to be true.  As an example here is the Bullish Hikkake Patten – I checked Daniel Chesler, CMT rules and the pattern should trigger once the high or low of the second candle is taken out.

    At the moment the system is entering whilst the pattern is still forming.  I found this issue with other patterns including the Hikkake Modified, Bullish Belt Hold & others.  I’ve attached a screenshot to show you what i mean – where the trigger should happen timesincesignal(CANDLESTICKPATTERN(SCANALL=False, SCANTYPE=[Bullish Hikkake])) == 3 and where its currently happening.




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    Hi Mandeep,

    I think this is like the swing charts issue we solved in the past. When we load the history, all the matches are in the file. The tester is taking the last candle rather than waiting for the next candle.  We’ll look into fixing that.

    Note: Your comment about waiting for the candle to take out the high of the second will require a more complex script. All that the pattern script is going to do is tell you if a pattern has occurred or not.

    All the best


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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